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No matter how much you eat, here are three tips to help you lose weight and stay in shape

Gluttony, gluttony, dinner, there are a variety of life overeating triggers, a little attention will cause the accumulation of fat and obesity.

But it is not food to eat to become adipose immediately, it still has a about 48-hour conversion period, adjust the body to be able to avoid fat thoroughly inside this paragraph of time only.

Introduce law of fat of 3 kinds of platoon poison reduce, although eat again much also need not worry get fat problem.

Walk and stretch

You should not sit, lie down or sleep after overeating. It should be combined with sufficient light exercise to help food digest and excrete quickly and prevent them from accumulating in the intestines and stomach.

In addition, moderate exercise can also slow down the rise of postprandial blood sugar, prevent fat synthesis and accumulation. But do not eat meal to undertake acuteness motion immediately, should after the meal two hours are undertaking high intensity motion.

If you don’t have enough time to do a lot of exercise in the 48 hours after a binge, make sure you have enough muscle stretching to promote gastrointestinal activity, prevent toxins and food buildup, improve your internal environment, and speed up food excretion and metabolism.

Soak in a bath or soak your feet

A warm bath or sauna can help increase your body’s metabolism, speed up your digestion of stored food, and inhibit fat production. But don’t binge immediately after a warm bath, it should be done the next day.

Additional bubble bath still can quicken the eduction of body toxin, have ameliorative body circulatory metabolization and raise the effect that adipose combustion rate. To reduce weight thin body and prevent adipose happening to have very big help.

Stick to ginger and lemon tea

Ginger improves blood circulation, warms the body and speeds up basic metabolism. Accelerate the eduction of toxin and eliminate body dropsy, have an effect to restraining fat and reduce weight thin body.

The vitamin in lemon and citric acid also have raise metabolization, quicken the action that discharge poison and decompose adipose.

So after gluttony insists to drink tea of ginger lemon to be able to metabolize quickly, prevent adipose accumulation, still can quicken the eduction of toxin, assure the body is healthy, figure is slender with skin bright.

Do not worry to be able to get fat after gluttony, want to be able to undertake adjusting in time only, won’t accumulate not only adipose, still can let the body better metabolization, build a foundation for forming easy thin constitution.

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