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Is huang zitao putting on weight? Net friend: all stars are fat for fun! Take stock of the 5 potholes you need to skip to lose weight

Recently, huang was caught on camera at the airport. He changed his hairstyle to short hair, wearing a dark brown glasses case and a black mask. Apart from the change in his costume, huang zitao is clearly getting fatter. Not only the face has meat, the whole body seems to be fat a circle, but still very handsome.

Is the so-called, a fat destroy all. This truth does not apply to stars, nor does it apply to huang zitao, who is as fat as he is thin. Besides they are originally handsome and beautiful, even if fat also won’t differ too much.

Losing weight is a proposition everyone needs to face, no matter what you are what occupation, what identity, all need to lose weight. Because weight loss can not only build a beautiful body, let a person full of confidence, but also have a lot of benefits to the body, reduce the risk of various diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

In order to avoid losing weight small white go astray, introduce 5 pit that need to skip with everybody reducing weight today.

1 & have spent Can you lose weight without eating meat?

Not eating meat at all can cause nutritional imbalance. Meat can be an important source of protein, and not eating meat means it’s hard to get enough protein.

Long-term lack of protein, will affect the basic metabolism, it is very easy to lose weight after a serious weight rebound. Choose white meat and lean meat as far as possible to eat, less oil and salt, practice light.

2 & have spent After motion half hour, adipose ability begins to burn?

When motion, glycogen and adipose it is to provide energy to human body jointly, so from the first second that motion begins, adipose had begun to burn. It’s just that the energy supply is divided into primary and secondary, primary glycogen, secondary fat.

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