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What can menstruation eat to reduce weight the fastest

Menstruation is the good period that the female reduces weight thin body, we can help reduce weight through food, rise below what to eat to see menstruation can reduce weight the fastest? How is menstruation in 3 days thin 10 jins?

High-fiber food

Eat the food that contains a lot of high fiber more during menstruation, not only can promote intestines and stomach peristalsis effectively, recuperate thereby period weak intestines and stomach, still can alleviate constipation condition, have very good thin abdomen effect.

If complete cereal, wholemeal face, brown rice, oat, scanty dish, fruit, these tall fiber food still can promote emotional hormone eduction, not only can thin body, still can adjust menstruation.

Vitamin B food

Want to reduce weight easily during menstruation, a few contain a lot of vitamin B food also cannot little, this kind of nutrition material can promote the metabolism of human body effectively, have the effect that burn fat to reduce weight thereby.

There are many foods rich in vitamin b, such as milk, carrots, pumpkins, cereals, etc. In addition, eat more foods rich in high protein, such as eggs, tofu, soy, also can play a very good effect on weight loss.

High potassium foods

Many women look bloated, mostly because of the formation of edema, especially legs, at this time can be appropriate to eat more high-potassium food, potassium can help promote excess water excretion in the body, help solve the problem of edema and edema.

Protein food

The food such as the high protein such as meat, egg, bean curd, soya bean wants many complement in period, not only can complement nutrition, still can help reduce weight.

How is menstruation in 3 days thin 10 jins

First, bean curd agaric stewed pig blood

Ingredients: 200g pig blood sausage, half piece tofu, 150g water fungus, right amount of carrot, right amount of lotus bean and right amount of water. Salt, chicken essence, light soy sauce, green onion and ginger, five-spice powder, sesame oil, cooking wine, water starch.


1, tofu cut into 2 cm square pieces; Skin pig blood sausage and cut it into pieces the same size as tofu. Wash and cut carrot into diamond slices. Wash and cut the lotus bean into diamond slices. Tear small pieces of fungus and set aside.

2, heat the wok with oil, add the spring onion and ginger, a little five-spice powder until fragrant, then add the tofu and stir-fry.

3, the blood sausage pieces into the pot slightly Fried, the action should be light, to prevent the blood sausage and tofu broken rotten.

4, pour in the right amount of water, water and tofu level, add salt, soy sauce, a little cooking wine, bring to a boil, turn to medium heat and cook for about 2-3 minutes. When the stock is ready to dry, add carrot slices, agaric, lotus bean and stir-fry it slightly. Finally, add chicken essence for seasoning. Add water starch to thicken the sauce.

Efficacy: black fungus is a kind of diet food, because black fungus contains rich cellulose and a special plant gum, these two substances, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote intestinal fat food excretion, reduce food fat absorption, thus play a role in preventing obesity and weight loss.

Two, the seed of Job’s tears yam soup

Materials: yam, the seed of Job’s tears, wolfberry right amount, oat right amount, yellow ice sugar right amount


1. Soak the seed of Job’s tears in clear water for 2 hours in advance. Soak goji berries in clear water for 10 minutes.

2. Peel yam and cut into lozenge pieces; Bring the BBB 0 to a boil.

3, add yam, fire boil, add ice sugar; Put oatmeal off the heat, and finally put in the bubble can be good wolfberry.

Efficacy: both the seed of Job’s tears and yam have the effect of regulating human hormones and endocrine, and can nourish Yin and kidney, which has a good warming effect on the smooth arrival of menstruation.

Three, yam juice milk

Ingredients: yam, apple, milk, honey.


1, the yam, apple with clean water after peeling.

2. Cut into 1-2 cm pieces with a knife and soak them in salt water for later use.

3. Place the yam and apple cubes in a mixing cup.

4, pour milk, not over yams apple can be, add the right amount of honey.

5. Rotate the cooking machine to first gear and play for 15 seconds; Rotate to second gear and continue for 15 seconds.

Efficacy: apple contains malic acid and pectin, itself can decompose human body fat, moist skin, plus can white tender skin and anti-wrinkle warm belly milk, and since ancient times has a natural beauty known as honey. This cup of yam juice milk, really can be said to be the pound attack, together with the strong, for relieving menstrual pain, weight loss are very useful.

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