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Liposuction to lose weight has the risk of liposuction harm

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The dangers of liposuction 1

Recovery from liposuction wounds is delayed. Although postoperative wound healing is rapid, in case of postoperative injury, hydrops and infection, the wound recovery period may be delayed.

The harm of liposuction ii

Liposuction site imbalance. This is caused by the operation error before and during the operation, which can be repaired by the liposuction again.

The harm of liposuction three

Postoperative paralysis occurred at the operative site. After the liposuction, the skin is slightly affected, so that there is paralysis or feeling like being bitten by ants. Generally, it will be ok within 3 months, and some fast words will be ok within 1 month.

The harm of liposuction four

Skin flap necrosis was found at the operative site. In the process of liposuction surgery to draw too much fat, will lead to skin blood circulation is not smooth, resulting in skin blisters or necrosis;

The harm of liposuction five

The surgical site appears concave and convex. Because liposuction is not 100% guaranteed to be uniform, the surgical site may look a little uneven. Proper postoperative massage of the operative site is helpful to restore the smooth state

Compared with drugs, exercise and other methods of weight loss, liposuction weight loss can be fast and effective weight loss. But small make up want to remind each MM, liposuction weight loss can not be blind, liposuction side effects of weight loss you know how much?

Liposuction principle of weight loss

Liposuction weight loss is the use of instruments through the skin small incision into the subcutaneous fat layer will be fat fragments suction to achieve the goal of weight loss method, suitable for plastic posture. Proper liposuction can improve your appearance. However, more and more attention has been paid to the harm of liposuction. The harm of liposuction has become one of the factors that affect whether we can really lose weight.

Skin sag

The likelihood is as a result of the liposuction appliance that USES too coarse, plus the adipose less that stores in hypodermic, when liposuction, pressure controls not all, bring about skin sunken.

The skin is flabby

As a result of the surgical technique renewal, has some imperfect, causes the skin to produce the recoil, thus appears the relaxation. And, adipose decrease inside body, skin flexibility is insufficient also can bring about occurrence skin flabby phenomenon.

The skin is numb, itchy and stiff

Short-term numbness is the legacy of anesthetics. Recovery usually begins after 10 days. But when the sensation returns, itching may occur. Normally, after liposuction, the skin repairs the liposuction area, which normally requires a recovery period of 38 months.


There are many different layers of fat in the body. When absorbing fat, can retain commonly 0.5 centimeters – the shallow layer of 1 centimeter is adipose, the body is in ceaseless restore a process, when adipose and superfluous, still can absorb the adipose of other place, caused rebound. So after liposuction, maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine.

Be sure to get an anesthetic

No matter what kind of liposuction is performed, anesthesia is necessary. Due to the injection of local anesthesia, anesthesia is far from enough, and the low concentration of local anesthesia can also lead to the pain of surgery. Under normal circumstances, the pain is not noticeable for 24 hours. But after 24 hours, the pain increases. It took three days for that to begin to subside.


Liposuction for weight loss may cause traumatic bleeding. Currently, with the correct procedure, there is little bleeding and the bandage contains a small amount of blood. After 24 hours, it will be significantly reduced, no need to worry too much. Most of the bleeding is due to the operation time is long, liposuction range is too large, anesthesia absorption, or sudden standing caused by postural hypotension.

Subcutaneous ecchymosis

Under normal circumstances, after liposuction will appear subcutaneous congestion, but it will slowly disappear with time. Don’t worry too much.

Hematoma, edema, seroma

Hematoma is caused by venous reflux obstruction caused by high concentration bleeding after vascular injury. Seromas are caused by fluid leakage, poor drainage, and uneven pressure. Hematomas and seromas must be properly bandaged to disappear. Edema also subsides when normal pressure is restored to the blood vessels and can be accomplished by reducing some of the pressure correspondingly.

Dizziness, nausea, tremors, syncope

A week after the operation is still hot, local redness and swelling, dizziness, nausea, syncope and other phenomena, may be because of the wound infection. At this time should be timely medical treatment, otherwise it will cause great harm to health.


Some patients will have a fever after the operation, if not for a long time fever, should promptly report to the doctor.

To avoid or reduce the harm that liposuction reduces weight, we must choose the hospital that the technology has safeguard more!


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