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The whole process of thin leg needle injection


The injection method of thin leg needle is as follows

Step1 check the time before thin leg acupuncture: 20min

The subjects were examined for any contraindications to the injection of thin leg needles. If not, routine preoperative measurements were made, including the maximum circumference of the subjects’ calves, subcutaneous fat and muscle thickness, and then the images were recorded.

Step2 tiptoe to determine the injection location time: 10min

Hold the wall with both hands on tiptoe, and the doctor will mark the injection point on the calf with a pen. Marker points are the marked areas of hypertrophy of gastrocnemius muscle. According to the morphological design of each patient’s calf, the injection points are located in the gastrocnemius muscle with an interval of 2.0cm and distributed evenly. Generally, 28 ~ 32 injection points/side are designed, each point is injected with 5-10u, and a total of 300 ~ 400U of botulinum toxin is injected on both sides

Step3 ice compress anesthesia time: 10min

Ice compress is applied to the legs to reduce the pain of the skinny needle injection. The subject will experience a chill in the legs. For 2-3 minutes the hind legs will be slightly painful but tolerable.

Step4 epidermal disinfection time: 2min

The doctor can undertake disinfection to crus with iodine and alcohol, with common inject disinfection is same, the place that assures to need inject is wholesome, won’t cause the infection of inject wound.

Step5 inject thin leg needle time: 15min

The doctor will give the injection according to the injection point marked at the beginning. During the injection, the blood vessels and nerves will be avoided and the subcutaneous muscle tissue will be injected. At this point, the injection of ice compress anesthesia into the needle will not be very painful, only a slight pain of the ant bite, after the injection will feel the calf muscles began to have a soft and sour feeling.

Step6 rest for 30 minutes after the surgery after the injection is usually required to rest for 30 minutes in the hospital, no discomfort can leave the hospital.

Those who are not suitable for skinny leg injections

1. Running and standing on tiptoe for long periods (such as ballet dancers);

2. Allergic constitution and allergy to botulinum toxin type A;

3. Do not inject the infected part of the lower leg, so as not to aggravate the infection.

4. Neuromuscular diseases, such as myasthenia gravis, Lambert- ivory syndrome, motor neuropathy, etc.;

5. Fever, acute infectious diseases, heart, liver and lung diseases, active tuberculosis and blood diseases;

6. Used aminoglycoside antibiotics, cholinesterase antagonists, succinylcholine, curcum-like depolarization antagonists, sulfuric acid, quinidine, calcium channel blockers, lincomycin, polymyxin and other drugs in the past two weeks;

7. For girls with fatty calves, it is not recommended to inject, because the skinny leg needle is mainly aimed at muscle tissue to achieve the effect of skinny legs, so the effect of the fatty calf injection is not obvious.


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