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What circumstance can become operation reducing weight

Beijing Mr Zhang asks: my height 175 centimeters, weight 130 kilograms, take medicine to take exercise at ordinary times, reduced 6 kilograms only. Listen to a friend to say, do operation to reduce weight not only weight drops fast, still can cure hypertension, diabetic. Is weight loss really safe and reliable? Can I do it?

Answer of doctor of basic surgery of Peking union medical college hospital spends su rong: reduce weight the operation is diversiform, but marrow has 2 only: 1. Reduce gastric capacity: the feeling of satiety is the feeling that the stomach is held up, the flexibility of the stomach is very good, eat more bigger, bigger hungry more easily. Sleeve stomach excision is to cut the original overlord stomach into a slender sleeve, a full, fat is difficult. 2. Reduce the absorption rate: cut the stomach into sacs by gastric bypass, disconnect the appropriate length of intestine from the setting site and connect it to the stomach sacs, so that a section of intestine is idle, thus reducing absorption.

Surgery is risky, so be careful with the knife. Being too fat or too thin is not good. In addition, the operation is not reversible, if only slightly fat but did the operation, easy overcorrection, malnutrition, outweighs the gain. Body mass index (BMI) is calculated by dividing weight in kilograms by height in meters squared. For severely obese patients with BMI greater than 37 and moderately obese patients with hypertension, diabetes and other diseases, surgical treatment is recommended. Your BMI is 42, you may consider this operation.

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