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Is treadmill weight loss useful? What is the best speed? How much weight can you lose in a month?

Is treadmill weight loss useful? What is the best rate for losing weight on the treadmill? Can treadmill reduce weight a month a few jins? Have the method that the friend asks me to be able to reduce weight at home now? This must have, so I introduce the treadmill weight loss to him, and friends family situation is very good, buy a treadmill will not increase the family burden, healthy thin today small make up to talk about those things and everyone treadmill.

The first question: does using a treadmill help you lose weight?

Talking about weight loss a lot of people know that sports will lose weight, actually the principle of running machine and we usually go out running is the same, and space limit problem solved, exercise, can immediately comfortable and have a rest, and can go to take a bath after a short break, but not literally run will have effect, small make up access to a large amount of data, running need to keep more than 30 minutes to burn fat, so want to get good results suggest running more than 40 minutes.

The 2nd problem: what is treadmill optimal rate reducing weight?

I search online said walking at a speed of 5.5 first 5 minutes, reoccupy seven speed jogging for 5 minutes, but small make up that can be run in affordable, to withstand the jogging can be carried out while the key lies in jogging, you can stick to the longer the effect will be more obvious, everyone’s physical condition is different, you can make plan according to their own physical condition.

The 3rd problem: can treadmill reduce weight a month reduce a few jins?

A lot of people can ask treadmill to reduce weight a month can how many jin? The small make up feel no need to ask, because we are running to lose weight is everyone is different, some people lose 20 pounds a month, some people just lose 5 pounds a month, some people may not be the effect does not necessarily, small make up think that as long as can stick to it, your weight will come down this without question.

Finally small make up a little want to say is if you want to reduce weight the effect is more obvious than also pay more attention in dietary respect, do not eat snack, decrease as far as possible big fish big meat, eat much food less, such collocation with exercise to lose weight, then effect than single motion to reduce weight would be much better, finally I wish everyone can success reducing weight.

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