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Simple yoga weight loss action, let you easily healthy weight loss

The beauty of yoga lies in its essence, spirit and spirit. Because it is soft and graceful, it is very suitable for women to exercise. The movement that often practices yoga, can have very good model body effect. You may wish to join me in learning these simple yoga weight loss exercises.

Half lotus

Sit on a yoga mat, close your eyes slightly, relax your mind and body, lift your head up, your stomach slightly closed, lift one leg up, put the heel of the other leg on the knee of the other leg, put your elbows on your body, palms up.

This action can make the ligament of the body much place gets stretch, make meridian maintains expedite, stimulative waste inside body and toxin eduction.

2. The waist

Sit on the chair, keeping your upper body straight, lift your heels and slowly turn your upper body to the left. Try to touch the back of the chair with your left hand.

This will work your abdominal muscles and stretch your spine.

3. Spread your wings and type

Sit good hind hold out the bosom to close abdomen, conjoin double leg, two arms cross the ground is put before the bosom, make include an Angle 90 degrees, left arm is on, right arm is below, make two arms can lock each other, both hands palm is opposite, make close ten form, finger fingertip is conscious face up and exert oneself to exert oneself to pull up, change the arm of the other side to do afresh after finishing. The same goes for the legs.

We can work our triceps, back muscles and shoulder muscles with this movement.

4. A pop-up

Sit up on a yoga mat with your legs together and your fingers crossed, arms as far up as you can, and you will feel your body stretching. Then slowly turn the palm to the side and feel the muscles of the arm stretch. Turn the palm upside down and feel as if the whole person is growing up. Hold this for a while and then relax and do it in the other direction.

By doing this, you can not only stretch the muscles on both sides of your body, but also relax your neck and shoulders.

Simple yoga reduces weight the movement has a lot of, the introduction above just throws a brick to introduce jade, the reader can undertake choosing appropriately according to his circumstance.

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