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Fast weight loss yoga fitness and weight loss

Yoga is a kind of body movement way that comes from ancient India, very helpful to fitness, also have very good effect to reducing weight thin body, in recent years, the person that USES yoga to undertake reducing weight begins to increase gradually, a few also are in connection yoga. Below let small make up to give you some quick weight loss yoga moves.

One, solid shoulder type

Is first of all, set the sitting position, king kong sitting position, adjust breathing well, then, with my fingers crossed on the head, elbow outward expansion, at the same time, breathe in slowly, and then exhale, in the mouth, you should pay attention to, under the right arm on the left hand pull, head slightly raised, let the right shoulder feel some pressure, the whole process, the breath to keep even, after I finish it again, his arms transfer direction, this time, instead of using the right hand pull the left arm and will be back, neck straight, hands will restore to the original state, keep natural, adjust breathing again.

Two, crane cicada type

Body in standing posture, open legs feet slightly wider than shoulder-width, shored up with both hands to the ground, make knee medial and by large upper arm, elbow bent, arms to the full power, at the same time, the body inclining forward, and the feet off the ground at this time, keep this state for a short period of time, after that, your feet slowly curl will be better, to adjust breathing.

Surround shoulders

First, like cranes cicada type, the body keep standing, arms open, while their fingers on the shoulder and the elbow driven, enables the shoulder joint to around move forward, at the same time, the focus, the mind set on shoulder position, after a set of movements, changing direction to move around again, this time, the body’s muscles movement effect, will feel because of the tight feeling resulting from the traction and ache, this is the effect of yoga movement, after the upward elbow with your hands, and rear of the head, hands touching one another, on the other hand, to note that when expiratory, sink to the elbow, and breathe in, The elbow should be raised and repeated several times. After that, the body should return to its original state, relax the body and adjust breathing. End the entire yoga session.

Above this a few type yoga action are small make up a few fast reduce weight yoga action that introduce for everybody, if be interested in yoga, and also want to reduce weight, might as well try the a few type yoga action that do above, although do not have effect reducing weight, also can take exercise the body.

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