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Does scraping patting have effect?

Can scrapping lose weight

Scrapping can help you lose weight.

The principle of shooting patasha is quite similar, except that the technique is not quite the same. However, patsha is popular among many people because of its detoxification and weight loss effect. During pata sha, it is carried out on each acupoint of the body, and then each acupoint in the human body can achieve the effect of channeling and activating collatuses, so as to improve local blood microcirculation, and play the role of treating some diseases or the effect of health care. Pata sha requires professional personnel to carry out. Now there are a lot of people also use sha to lose weight, but the method of using take sha to lose weight are very simple, because sha was taken when the need to take sha appliance with some drugs simultaneously, and sha to lose weight is to use the body’s meridians and sha instruments through beats drugs into the body so as to achieve the effect that reduce weight.

Pata sha weight loss is also the use of meridians and acupoints to achieve the effect of promoting metabolism, pata sha weight loss to moderate, scraping 1-2 times a day, if the force is large, scraping for a long time, must be pata sha oil to protect the skin. Fat local but often scrape swab, stimulative its are passive motion, strengthen metabolism, eliminate local moisture and adipose. It is generally believed that the treatment of simple obesity is easier to treat than the secondary type. Age is earlier put on weight, arrive adult still fat person effect is poorer. The curative effect is better if the course of disease is short and the age is relatively light. Fat degree is big get effective quickly commonly, weight drops range is bigger.

Scrapping thin leg method

Materials: thin leg essential oil, scrapping board


1. First, apply the slimming essential oil on the legs, sit on the bed or sofa, and then bend the legs naturally to make the calves in the most natural relaxed state, and then use the sha board to pour the heels from the knees of the feet.

2, from the knee root, scraping downward, each time can only scrape a direction can not be like rubbing back and forth like scraping! If there is varicose vein or edema in the lower limbs, it must be scraped from the bottom to the top to improve blood circulation, otherwise the opposite direction will be more and more serious, if there is no, either direction is ok, but of course g also g under the top is good, making tired legs relax after a day, blood circulation has improved.

3, must be relatively large force fast scraping! For sha sha thin leg this method is the more effort the better, but we should control this strength in the range of their own can bear, so to subtract the leg on the proud flesh has obvious effect.

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