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Exercise to lose weight successful case – adhere to exercise + reasonable diet = success

Now I want to introduce the successful case of weight loss is a real case, this case may be helpful to the current weight loss friends. Summed up a weight loss truth, adhere to exercise + reasonable diet = weight loss success. Please read the article carefully, maybe you have a new idea?

The protagonist of this successful case is a girl, as follows: she is 165CM in height and 72KG in weight, and she looks quite fat. She is a friend I know. The last time we met was last Monday, and we haven’t seen each other for about a year. I couldn’t believe it when I met her. The change of a person is really great! She is not only thinner but also more beautiful than before! (because I do not agree with the explosion, so there is no photo.)

I as small, of course, can not miss this ready to ask in the end. How did she lose weight in the beginning? Her answer is to do more exercise and control diet, which we all know, so I want to ask more valuable things out, continue to ask after finally asked a very valuable information, it is because of habit! At that time, my friend was getting fatter and fatter in the company, reaching a staggering 80KG. At that time, she began to decide to lose weight, but her friend did not want to take medicine to lose weight, so she could only use the conventional means to lose weight, that is, continuous exercise + reasonable diet, this is very simple, but very difficult to do!

Keep exercising – choose a night run that works for you

My friend work is usually at 6 o ‘clock in the evening after work on time, in the company there is a school near the runway run has a lot of people in the night, friends also follow to run run an hour every day night, then slowly don’t feel any meaning, and then pull the company colleagues to run night, also have a night run organization, made uniform clothes, pulled a group of a group of people running every day, it was very boring things became very meaningful, but also improve the affection between the colleague! So fit yourself is very important, even if you like swimming weight loss can meet like-minded friends.

Eat right – skip takeout and ration your meals

My friend had a person lives are some take-away food, but later found his boyfriend, her boyfriend gave her cooking to eat, and her boyfriend is a nutritionist, so reasonable diet will slowly become a habit, my friend and her boyfriend can to an oversight, she so fat sister can also try to find a dietitian as your boyfriend, weight loss is a easy thing!

Finally, I learned that my friend had thought about giving up for many times, but he kept on doing it for a year. During this year, he has developed a habit of exercising and eating a reasonable diet. This habit has constantly influenced my friend. The person must have ideal, in case thin?

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