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Do girls have beer bellies? How thin return small pretty waist?

Do girls have beer bellies, too

Girls are also likely to grow beer belly, the so-called beer belly is not just because of drinking beer, beer belly is actually a kind of belly fat, but girls generally beer belly called small belly.

Beer belly is a kind of common says, the cause of the beer belly has a lot of, a lot of beer for a long time, are just a small part of the beer belly and bad living habits and the secretion of hormones have relations, in general abdominal fat people are easy to pile up a lot of fat, long-term sedentary office worker also easy to cause XiaoDu belly, girls abdominal proud flesh actually looks and guys too much words, the beer belly is no different. And women tend to have more fat on their lower body and bellies than men, so girls with beer bellies should pay extra attention.

Three moves to teach you to restore a flat tummy

Pay attention to diet

If it is already has a beer belly girl in daily life must strictly control their diet, first of all to stay away from all kinds of liquor, then eat the food of high quantity of heat, less also can eat more at ordinary times some fruits and vegetables, such as high dietary fiber food, can help promote gastrointestinal peristalsis to prevent constipation caused by the stomach, finally must drink plenty of water, with water, honey water, lemonade and so on healthy drinks instead of drinks.

A cup of tea to fat

Appropriate drinking some tea can scrape the body oil weight loss, especially for people who have beer belly, with tea instead of alcohol has a very good effect on the thin stomach, one of the green tea weight loss effect is very good, you can drink some one hour after lunch every day.

Sports thin waist

Want to completely eliminate the beer belly movement is little not, actually has a lot of simple movement has the effect of thin belly, for example at home can do sit-ups, a tablet support, etc., in addition in peacetime life belly in often, must stand up after sitting, and so on exercise helps to lose little habits has a beer belly.

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