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How to slim waist and belly three yoga moves to help

Waist abdomen is the place that schoolgirl grows proud flesh easily, if do not move for a long time and do not control food, possible “bucket waist” can find you, how thin waist and abdomen? Here are three simple yoga moves that can help you lose proud flesh around your waist and stomach.

Lean waist yoga I: bird king pose

First of all, the body upright, legs together straight; Then lift your arms and place them straight over your head. Raise your left leg next, make its twine is in the place of the crus of right leg, maintain natural breath, slowly the body goes down crouch, the action is accomplished as far as possible will abdomen and leg ministry press close to, when utmost limit maintains pose 10 seconds or so, change direction next repeat the action before. This action can help you alleviate constipation, can exercise to lower body.

Lean waist yoga ii: side bar pose

First lie on your side on the floor, then use your right arm as a support, support the ground, keep your body straight and don’t bend; Then the left arm straight up, straight posture to maintain about 5 seconds, repeated extension of the left arm 5 times; Then switch sides lie, left arm support the body, the right arm straight up for 5 seconds, and then the same repeat down straight 5 times. This will stretch the muscles in your lower back as well as your arms.

Lean waist yoga three: standing posture side bend

First stand up straight with your feet slightly open. Keep your hands close to your sides, keep your left hand still and straighten your right hand up. At the same time, bend your upper body to the left. Straighten your right hand up to the left with your body. Then go back to the original motion and repeat in a different direction. Straighten your left hand and bend your upper body to the right. Repeat 3 times. This action can exercise to waist abdomen, the BBB 0 that helps reduce waist abdomen.

Thin waist and thin abdomen are common side key reducing weight, a lot of schoolgirls hope oneself have small pretty waist, a bit nature of small abdominal muscle is better, how thin waist and abdomen? The above three yoga moves, nothing can be more practice, help you quickly have a small waist.

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